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Dr. Hubbell is great. It’s always a pleasure to walk into her office. Whole staff is welcoming and procedures and concepts are explained to me in a way that I understand. Costs are upfront and transparent. 10/10 would recommend.


Ashamed to admit but I had not been to the dentist in over 20 years. I FINALLY did it! I went! I was very anxious at first, but it took less than 30 minutes with The Dentist and Hygienist to feel very comfortable!!!! Dr. Hubbell was very descriptive of what needed to happen, Christina did a great job with what I needed done with Megan’s help and Crista at the front desk was very friendly, greeting me and helping me with my paperwork.  I sort of want to keep them a secret but being a small business owner myself I have to brag on them and hope you go and have a similar experience!


Dr. Hubbell is an artist. I am in an age group that had nothing to help with pain when going to the dentist.  So, going to the dentist still causes a bit of nerves and fear of pain for me. Not here. Her office, first of all, is pleasing and very clean. Her front desk young lady had a smile and greeting that put me at ease. It is a lovely “first impression”. I had  3 chipped teeth in front and two other teeth that needed repair. I was in a chair that messaged my back and watched cake contests while being worked on. Before doing any of the work Dr. Hubbell explained everything that she was going to do. Her assistant was wonderful at making sure I was doing okay. When finished she gave me instructions. I walked out of the office very happy with my new smile. Thank you Dr. Hubbell and staff.

Adrianne P.

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All of the staff is extremely friendly and gentle. I have very sensitive teeth and they are always careful and knowledgeable. They always give me accurate insurance information. I have no reservations recommending them. I rarely give really good reviews, but this practice deserves my highest recommendation.

Suzanne H.

Lowry Family Dentistry female patient

Love this Dental practice. The most thorough cleanings I’ve ever had; extremely kind staff, clean office with up to date technology and equipment. Dr. Makala Hubbell is a phenomenal & honest dentist and I highly recommend Lowry Family Dentistry.

Meghan S.

To have excellent care is such a joyful comfort to me. I have spent my life in a dentist chair having many procedures done. I pretty much insist on excellence in my dental care. At Lowry Family Dentistry, I found it. I highly recommend this office and these professionals of dentistry.

Kathy T.

Very professional. Massage chairs. TVs above the beds. Polite staff. Thorough teeth cleaning. All in all, about as comfortable as a visit to the dentist can be. I trust that they are doing a good job, too. Highly recommend.


Ridiculously polite, professional, punctual, and trustworthy. Just getting a routine cleaning here is like stepping into another world where everyone is perfectly executing an expertly-choreographed show intended to provide impeccable care as efficiently as possible. Dr. Hubbell and all her staff are absolutely top-notch.


Child patient smiling

Thank you Lowry Family Dentistry! A very old filling fell out last week. When I called the staff, they got me in that day for an evaluation and made time later that afternoon to do a restoration. I really appreciate being treated so well, and as a priority.  Glad I switched to you three years ago!

Julius Z.

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